Franchising at Ctrl V

Ctrl V is actively looking for franchisees in a variety of markets while focusing on Canada and the United States. We are seeking qualified individuals with business experience & acumen and an avid interest in emerging and advancing technology. Franchising provides the franchisee with an opportunity to become an entrepreneur and a business owner without having to navigate the trials and tribulations of starting an initiative from scratch. We’ve made all of the mistakes for you so that you can simply get up and running and start building a future of security and excitement.

Ctrl V is the number one international brand in virtual reality arcades and was the first to open in North America with partnerships that span every required component of the franchise infrastructure to ensure a business model that breeds longevity and a creates a runway for growth.

Ctrl V - Virtual Reality Arcade

Why Franchise with Ctrl V?

  • Enjoy where you work

    What is better than being your own boss every day at a job that is fun? With loads of games and blow-away clients, Ctrl V creates an environment that everyone loves.

  • Opportunity for growth

    Being a Ctrl V franchisee provides you the opportunity to expand your business with more facility opportunities opening in Canada and the US every month.

  • Use a tested model

    Ctrl V corporate offices run a flagship store where all recommendations are stress tested and ensured to be viable options for each of our franchisees. We eat our own cooking.

  • Be a technology pioneer

    Virtual reality is a technology that has been around for decades but is only now ready to be presented to the world as a viable conduit to growth. Be a pivotal component to bringing VR to the masses.

  • Use developed relationships

    As a Ctrl V Franchisee you have the opportunity to take advantage of all of the partnerships and relationships that we’ve already created so that you can focus on building a great business.

  • Outstanding support system

    With our own marketing and service staff, and a team of qualified software developers, Ctrl V franchisees experience a level of support that takes the technology stress off of their shoulders.

Am I Qualified?

Ctrl V franchisees possess an entrepreneurial spirit and are committed to building a successful business. We seek out franchisees that are entrepreneurs and business people first and foremost. Owner/operators are the types of franchisees we want to work with – technological literacy comes second. If you enjoy working with people, learning new skills, and are ready for an exciting new challenge in an industry that is growing fast and is part of one of the most compelling advancements to humanity, we may be right for you.

Your Investment

At Ctrl V, we have an easy-to-run operation, built on technological efficiency, and incredible fun. Our start-up costs are a fraction of those offered by our competition. Joining the Ctrl V team gives you the great opportunity to own your own business with a low investment, national and regional advertising, a great training program, ongoing learning for our owners and their staff, development assistance, design support, lease negotiations, construction guidance and much, much more.

The Order of Events:

1: Fill out an application

Fill out our franchise application and email it to us so that we can learn a little bit about you, your past, your ability to franchise (financially and otherwise).

2: Let’s Meet

Come visit our flagship location in Waterloo to see how the operation runs, meet the team, and allow us to have a more in-depth chat about your franchising opportunity.

3: Start the Ball Rolling

We start talking about the franchise disclosure documents and other requirements for opening up. Once everything is reviewed, signed, and paid for, we can start looking for a location, purchasing equipment, and planning a rollout.

Ctrl V - Virtual Reality Arcade

Next Steps

Because it is important to Ctrl V and all our franchisees that we manage and protect our brand and the client experience, it is important for us to screen potential franchisees with scrutiny. As a result, we require each interested party to fill out our franchising application (for every partner involved in the endeavor) before we can move forward with any discussions and information disclosures.  Therefore, with the exception of any generic questions, we ask that you complete the below franchise application and attach it to an email sent to before requesting any additional information.

More Questions?

If you have anymore questions about franchising with Ctrl V please don’t hesitate to email us at or fill out the below online contact form.