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What is Ctrl V – Virtual Reality Arcade?

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A Little Bit About Ctrl V

What is Ctrl V?

Ctrl V is Canada’s first virtual reality (VR) arcade where you can experience the newest frontier in entertainment.

Why Come to Ctrl V?

At Ctrl V, our goal is to help advance the adoption of the groundbreaking VR technology by giving as many people the opportunity to experience it first-hand, without the prohibitive expense and space requirements.

What Happens At Ctrl V?

Ctrl V is a network of physical virtual reality stations. Our locations allow our visitors (you!) to come in and play VR by the hour and truly experience gaming and immersion at its pinnacle.

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What is Virtual Reality?


Virtual reality is a simulated environment that a user is completely immersed in through visual, physical, and audio stimulation.


The newest iteration of virtual reality hardware became available to the general public for consumer purchase in April 2016. Developers have been working on content for years.


Though virtual reality can be played by anyone, for the best experience, the recommended guest height for our experience is at least 48″.


Though virtual reality gear can be purchased from many electronics retailers, the most cost- and space-effective method for high-end immersion can be found at Ctrl V.


Because reality – is boring.  Explore a new world and lose yourself in virtual reality. It is truly an experience that cannot be accurately described and must be tried at least once by everyone.

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