Top 100 Business Ideas in 2018 – #60 Ctrl V: Virtual Reality Arcade

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‘Ctrl V’ Uses Virtual Reality Technology for a New Kind of Arcade

By: Adrian Lam – Feb 6, 2017

Ctrl V is the first Virtual Reality Arcade in Canada. Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Ctrl V goes back through the roots of gaming to arcades. Boasting the HTC Vive and the latest in virtual reality software, Ctrl V makes virtual reality available to everyone. By providing a virtual reality setup, Ctrl V aims to provide an accessible environment for people to experience cutting-edge virtual reality technology first-hand with a much smaller price tag.

Stepping into Ctrl V feels like stepping into a space ship. The arcade provides sleek, futuristic areas to experience the virtual reality tech in a comfortable and immersive environment. Ctrl V allows for a single or multi-player experience, with certain virtual reality games accommodating up to eight players and allowing groups to book virtual reality sessions for up to 20 people at a time. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a gaming newbie, Ctrl V provides a suite of different virtual reality games for players of all ages and backgrounds.

A number of virtual reality arcades have been popping up in the US, and are beginning to pick up speed in Canada with one Ctrl V location open in Guelph and another opening in Red Deer, Alberta.

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